Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection - $119.00

A clean dryer vent will reduce drying times which will reduce wear and tear on your clothes, your dryer and save you money in the process. Oh, and don’t forget, the most likely cause of a home fire is right there in your laundry room. Your clothes dryer is dependent on airflow for proper and safe operation.  I begin with a simple airflow test and visible inspection of your ducting looking for potential problems.  The I employ the best cleaning method to ensure proper cleaning of your dryer ducting and have the tools and expertise to deal with any dryer vent issue.   A dryer that is drying slowly isn’t a dryer problem, it is an airflow problem.  Let me take care of the work and make sure you are safe in your home.

Dryer Vent & Dryer Cleaning and Inspection - $199.00

Periodic dryer cleaning can not only help prevent unexpected dryer failures, but the cleaning process can reduce the risk of an unexpected dryer fire as well.   Let me take a look at your dryer along with the venting to make sure it is working properly and that your home is safe. A multipoint inspection doesn’t take very long but I often am able to address issues that may save you money in the long run.  I can inspect and clean dryers from all common manufacturers and even offer advice or trusted referrals should your dryer require more complex servicing.  Call today to schedule your dryer vent & dryer cleaning and inspection.

Dryer Vent Installation, Replacement or Repair - Call for a Custom Bid

The proper venting of your dryer will help keep your dryer working properly, your family safe, and reduce the risk of airborne contaminants. Whether your current ducting isn’t working properly, or maybe you need a dryer vent where there wasn’t one before, I can complete the process from design, to installation to inspection.  The proper installation of your dryer venting is the key to good airflow. Through the use of code compliant materials and recent product improvements, your dryer venting can be more efficient and effective for your clothes dryer.  Call today and let me show you some of the benefits of a better dryer vent.

Vent Cover Installation - $99.00

The vent cove is the part of your dryer venting that is truly critical to the performance of your dryer.  Generally mounted on parts of the home exposed to the elements, dryer vent covers are designed to allow for maximum airflow while preventing access to the venting by rodents, birds, and the weather itself.  A properly maintained dryer vent cover will last the life of the home and ensure years of great performance. If your vent cover is broken, blocked with lint, or simply no longer functioning, let me instal a modern, steel, pest resistant vent cover to your dryer venting.  These coves offer superior weather protection while creating no back pressure to the dryer which helps keep the air moving.  Call today and let me show you how form and function can come together for your dryer vent.

Transition Hose Installation - $89.00

The transition hose is the primary connection between your dryer and the homes ducting. This simple connection can have a huge affect on the performance of your dryer and can lead to poor air quality in the home due to air leaks.  Transition hoses should be replaced periodically in order to maintain airflow efficiency and to reduce the risk of fire.  I only install Dryer Flex transition hoses because they keep the air moving while still allowing for access behind the dryer.  And in the event of a dryer fire, they will not burn, essentially keeping the fire out of your home.  This one simply step can often improve the performance of your dryer enough to pay for itself.

Pest Proof Vent Cover Installation - $99.00

When the temperature turns cold or its time to grow a family, woodland creatures love to use dryer vents as a safe and cozy place to take up residence.  Typical vent covers need to allow the dryer air to flow, while keeping birds and such out, but even the most effective dryer vent cover is no match to a bird with a lot of free time.  Our Defender cover is designed to fit over your existing dryer vent cover (or our own covers) and creates a near impossible access point while still allowing air to flow.  If your dryer vent cover is located in an area with easy access to woodland creatures, this may be the solution you have been looking for.

Washer Fill Hose Replacement - $89.00

The clothes washer, the trusty companion to your dryer can benefit from some routine maintenance too and periodic replacement of your washers fill hoses may prevent a water leak in your home.  Millions of dollars are spent every year cleaning and repairing the damage from a burst washer fill hose.  These hoses are constantly under pressure and even a small leak can have devastating consequences to your home.   Our stainless steel jacketed washer fill hoses are designed to reduce the risk of a leak while maintaining the manufacturers recommended water flow.  If it has been more than 5 years since your washer fill hoses have been replaced, give me a call and let me take care of it for you.

Video Inspections - $89.00

Dryer vents can be difficult to inspect when they pass through inaccessible parts of your home or building, and locating a clog or failed duct can be a guessing game.  I utilize a very small camera to do my inspections and when used in conjunction with my cleaning system I can locate signs of dryer vent problems blockages without costly demolition.  If your dryer duct needs a closer look on the inside, let me help you see what cannot be seen from the outside.

Multi-Family Cleaning Services - Call for a Custom Bid

If you are a property manager, landlord or even the owner of a larger apartment or condo complex, I can offer cost effective cleaning solutions to your onsite laundry.   My cleaning process seeks to improve dryer efficiency while keeping your tenants or residence homes safe.  A poorly performing dryer vent can increase costs due to higher than usual energy usage and is the primary reason for unexpected dryer failures.  Call today for an on-site visit and custom bid for your multi-family dryer vent cleaning service.

Dryer Vent Design Consultation

Sometimes planning a venting project can be the most difficult part and knowing what materials to use and specific code requirements can be overwhelming. Allow me to take the guess work out of your project and help you in the planning process. Whether onsite, over the phone, or a video visit, my experience and expertise can help move your project forward.   And I have access to many products to help improve upon your design by increasing efficiency and safety.  I can help with any of your dryer vent installation or repair concerns.  Make the mechanical systems of your home last the life of your home.  Call or email with your project details and lets get started.

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