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The Dryerbox®

In-wall dryer connection protects transition hose neatly in the wall.

DryerJack Roof Vent

DryerJacks are engineered specifically for the demanding requirements of roof venting a dryer.


This smooth interior allows the dryer to perform at peak efficiency.  It’s strong aluminum ribbon protects against crushing and flame spread.

Dryer Wall Vent

Designed to deliver zero airflow restriction, Dryer Wall Vents™ are safe for dryer venting.


Long turn elbows for better airflow efficiency and longer duct runs.

Defender Vent Cover

The Defender’s patented design, features vertical bars that hinder lint buildup while making it difficult (if not impossible) for most pests to gain entry.


Protect your home and family.  Every day more than 40 dryers catch fire in the US alone., Inc.

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