It is the Airflow that Dries your Clothes


Dryer problems usually come in two forms, either the clothes are not getting dry, or the dryer simply isn’t working properly.  And when the clothes are not getting dry, either the dryer is heating or not heating.  And when the dryer is heating but the clothes still are not dry, well then we know we have an airflow issue.

Dryers dry your clothes by simply tumbling them through a warm airstream inside the drum.  It really isn’t any more complex than that.  Sure there are sensors, rollers, and such, but the basic principle is nothing mare than say hanging your clothes on a line to blow in the breeze on a warm sunny day.

So as long as the dryer is heating, lack of airflow, or a less then adequate airflow through the dryer drum will greatly reduce the dryers ability to dry your clothes.  This is the reason it is important to use a proper transtion hose and to ensure it is not kinked or damaged so as not to reduce the airflow.  And proper cleaning of the dryer ducting to remove lint and debris that only reduces the effective area for air to flow.  Then finally the vent cover on the outside of the home needs to be one that allows for limited backpressure and no restriction of air as it exits the system.

Anything that has the potential to limit or restrict airflow through the dryer, can be a source or the reason your clothes are not getting dry. And sometimes, it isn’t just one thing, but a combination of several things together that is causing the problem.  And clothes not getting dry may only be what you are seeing. The part you won’t see is the internal damage to the dryer. Well to be correct you will see it. Somewhere down the road when the dryer requires repair and you are out money you didn’t plan on spending.

So I guess to be accurate, proper airflow through your dryer not only dries your clothes, but likely saves you some money too.  Oh, and don’t forget, it is also proper airflow that will greatly limit the chances of a dryer fires as well.  Don’t believe me?  As you insurance agent or a firefighter.  You cannot put a price on your families safety.