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Dryer Vent Installation

Most homes these days come ready made with a place to connect the dryer ducting to, and then there are those places, like the one in the photo, that I needed to start from scratch.  Well to be more accurate, this new homeowner had made a purchase of a laundry center, you know those units withe the washer and dryer connected, and during the initial delivery attempt, she was informed they would not connect to what was existing in the home.

Where she made the purchase is what I guess we have all decided is called a big box store.  And that in itself is not unusual, but what has been changing is these stores seem to be getting a bit more picky when it comes to what they will connect the dryer to and what they will not. For example, if you have a home with an older three prong outlet for the dryer, well you just may be placing a call to an electrician before that shiny new dryer can be used.

But I digress.  This home had an old mylar transition hose run through an opening in the floor, that then sort of snaked around under the home to the wall vent cover on the outside.  It probably worked for many years given the short distance of 5 feet more or less. But in order to take the punishment of hot air and dryer lint year after year, well we need to install something a bit more sturdy then a cheap transition hose.

Steel ducting is where it is at and now, that is exactly what this new homeowner has installed and what the big box delivery team can connect the customers new dryer to.  The moral of the story is to do it once, do it right, and never have to worry about it again. This customer needed her ducting unexpectedly repaired.  It is now done and done right.