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Water Leaking from Dryer Vent Indicates a Serious Airflow Restriction

Leaking Dryer Vent

Water leaking from the dryer venting is always something I find interesting because in order for the ducting to get to this point, many years of maintenance have been missed.  And in most cases, such as in this home installation, the dryer venting isn’t the only expense for sure.  This ducting I would say was a contributing factor to 3 dryer replacements and most recently a dryer repair for not heating. And had it not been for a savvy appliance technician, this may have only continued to cause problems.

As I have talked endlessly, airflow is need to dry your clothes.  And any restriction to good airflow is going to reduce efficiency and cause the venting to become even more blocked with lint, dirt and such.  And if this airflow restriction is allowed to continue, the moisture in the airflow while the dryer is in use will begin to condense inside the ducting instead of blowing to the outside and water will begin to pool. This water will not only capture more lint, but it will begin to cause the ducting to rust.  If the ducting is in the homes crawlspace, not as big a deal, but if it is in the ceiling between floors of the home, mold is usually the secondary issue.

This ducting was so bad there was literally no airflow to the outside even though the duct was only 4 feet long (9 feet of equivalency due to an elbow). The solution was to replace the ducting with new steel and this time impress upon the customer the need to periodically get the ducting cleaned.  After years of poor dryer performance and multiple replacements, I assured this homeowner they would indeed see an improvement in how well their dryer dries clothes.  A little money spent on maintenance can save lots of money by preventing other future issues.