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Dryer Vent Covers can keep Clothes from Drying

Your clothes dryer is very dependent on good airflow to dryer your clothes, and the dryer vent cover on the outside of your home may be the reason the airflow isn’t up to speed. How can this be you may ask? Well how about a little dryer venting review and you will likely be able to answer that question yourself.

Dryers need heat and airflow to dry your clothes. The heat helps release the moisture trapped within the fibers of the clothes and the airflow draws away the moisture and send it to the outside of the home. Tumble the clothes through this warm airflow and you have yourself a clothes dryer. Now if something should get in the way of this moisture laden airflow, now we are going to see some drying problems.

The clothes dryer is very dependent on the proper functioning of the ducting within your home to do its job properly. And as I have talked about before, keeping air moving can be a little tricky as the laundry rooms get further away from the outside in newer or remodeled homes. But no matter the distance to the outside, the dryer vent cover has always been a source for poor airflow and unexpected dryer failures.

Dryer vent covers are meant to provide a place for the moist, lint laden air from the dryer can interface with the outside world. Properly protected from the elements, dryer vent covers can help provide a smooth transition to the outside while also keeping the outside world out of your dryer when it is not running. But without ongoing maintenance, the vent cover can become more of a hinderance than a help.

So the key is to periodically inspect and clean your dryer vent cover. Broken or damaged covers should be repaired or replaced to ensure proper operation. Things around the vent covers like hose reels or plants that may interfere with the operation of the dryer vent cover should be moved or trimmed as needed as well. A little time spent keeping the cover in good working order can save you time, money, and frustration by preventing unexpected dryer service calls.druer