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Historic Home, Modern Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent Before

The Portland area has many fine neighborhoods with older homes that have been around since the beginning of the city.  Some of them have changed over the years while others started off grand and continue to glow with greatness all these years later.  The homeowners are often quite proud of their homes with their turn of the century charm and quality, but since it is 2016, most really enjoy having access to the more modern of home convinces.

Some recent work I really enjoyed performing was the addition of a dryer vent into a historic home in the area.  This homeowner was in the process of relocating the appliances in the basement area but didn’t realize until well into the project that a dryer vent needed to be provided.  Really the general contractor should have caught this, but still to this day I am called upon to install dryer vents in brand new homes, simply because someone forgot about installing one.

Well enough of that.  This was a rather difficult installation because of various retrofits to the basement area that had already been completed.  Namely the HVAC, gas and plumbing where all taking up space I would have liked to have had access to. This left running the dryer vent right out the front to the porch area.  Not normally a preferred place to exit the dryer vent, but really the only option that didn’t involve concrete cutting.

Dryer Vent After

Fortunately, the pest proof vents covers I install are not only of high quality, but they look good as well.  This historic old home will continue to look great, and provide for all the modern conveniences we enjoy each day.  The dryer venting turned out quite well and is a fitting addition to this old home.