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Dryer not drying vs. Dryer not heating. Do I need dryer repair?

Typical dryer repair related service calls outside of an actual hard failure come down to a couple things. Either the dryer isn’t heating the clothes or the dryer isn’t drying the clothes. Most people when calling for service tend to describe what the problem is as apposed to what the failure is. And that is where you may find yourself paying for a service call that really isn’t needed.

Clothes dryers really only do a couple things. They make heat and tumble. And in the process, your clothes get dry. It really is about that simple. Sure the modern dryer has plenty of lights, cycles and sensors to facilitate that process, but their true purpose is to dry clothes. So when you begin to notice something is amiss with the drying process, it is time to ask some questions to determine is it really a problem with the clothes dryer itself, or maybe the ducting it is connected to.

Again, clothes dryers tumble and make heat. The process of drying your clothes is to use this heat, along with large amounts of air to draw out the moisture from the clothing. Without the heat, your clothes will still dry, but it will take multiple cycles. And strangely enough, without the airflow, your clothes will dry too. But you may find your laundry room a bit humid because the moisture from the clothing will have no place to go.

So when calling for dryer repair service, it really is important to know what you are experiencing to best figure out who to call for help. Here are a few things you can try to better get a handle on what is really going on with the dryer.

Start a drying cycle with a few clothes noting their positions, let it run for at least a minute then open the door. Do you feel heat? If so the dryer is heating. Are the clothes in different places then before? If so the dryer is tumbling. With both of these things happening if your clothes are not getting dry in one cycle, you likely have an airflow problem and should have your dryer ducting checked by a certified professional. If the dryer is either not producing heat and/or not tumbling, time to call for a certified appliance repair technician.

It really is that simple. All too often, I get calls from customers who thought the dryer was the problem, only to have the repair technician tell them the problem is actually poor airflow. By observing what is going on with your dryer, you can be sure to contact the right professional to help solve your problem and save some time and money by not calling the wrong professional.