Dryer Cavity Cleaning

Dryer fires seem to be a thing of the past. Or are they?  It is generally written that 15,000 dryer fires occur each year and this number is tossed around by those in the dryer vent cleaning industry as the reason to get your vents cleaned.  Point of note.  I clean dryer vents too. But I don’t use the same scare tactics to drum up business as other do.  The reason is simple.  There is no ignition source in the dryer venting, just a bunch of very flammable lint.

So whats the big deal.  Simply put, your dryer is where the fire will start and thus the reason for dryer fires.  And yes they still do occur and in greater numbers than in the past.  Thus the reason it is important to not only get your dryer vents cleaned, but get the dryer cleaned as well.  As your dryer is running, all the air that is exhausting to the outside comes from inside your home.  This air carries with it dust, lint, pet hair and anything else because your dryer is acting like a big vacuum cleaner.

Dryer Cavity After

All this debris deposits itself inside the dryer cavity and creates the perfect condition for a dryer fire.  Now not to scare anyone but small fires start inside your dryer all the time. Fortunately they are small and extinguish themselves pretty quickly.  But if the inside the your dryer is full of a flammable material, well that small fire can turn big in no time.  Or it may just sit and smolder waiting for the right conditions to bring it to life.

So the point I am trying to make is having your dryer periodically cleaned is just like having the dryer venting cleaned.  It is a good household maintenance practice that may save you from a fire at some point.  And to put a little icing on the cake, this maintenance can also have the added benefit of preventing future unexpected repairs simply by catching a potential problem now, before it becomes much larger.  Here I have included a before and after photo to visually show the difference.  This dryer is only two years old. Now imagine if your dryer is say 10 years old.  Just saying.