Time to Replace your Washer Fill Hoses

Old Washer Fill Hoses

Washer repair on a dryer repair blog?  Sure, the washer really is the partner in the laundry room and since they work so well together, I find it to be just as important to maintain one as the other.

And probably the easiest thing you can do to ensure limiting potential home damage is to replace your washer fill hoses every 5 years.  You see, if one of these should fail, it would be like taking your garden hose, tossing it in the widow, turning on the water then leaving.  A whole lot of water will be waiting when you return and water is a great source of damage to homes these days.

New Washer Fill Hoses

Years ago, washers came with fill hoses, they were installed and then never thought of again.  That is unless you were unlucky enough to have one fail.  But for the most part, many of us have been fortunate enough to never experience a problem.

Now enter the era of litigation.  Manufacturers got tired of repairing peoples homes so they either stopped including hoses with the new washer, or if they did, the hose is stamped with the date of manufacturer and a nice little note is included in the washer use and care guide that states the hoses are to be replaced every 5 years.

Of course we all read those manuals.  But the point is should you have a problem, you call your insurance company and they take care of it.  And contrary to popular belief, your insurance company isn’t in the business of paying claims, they are in the business of assigning blame then sueing.  So when the hose of the past failed, they sued the manufacturer who paid to repair your home and life went on.

Today when a hose fails, and you as the homeowner ignored the 5 year replacement warning, the manufacturer now has an easy out from taking responsibility and your insurance company is left holding the bag.  Of coarse they will pay to repair your home, but they too will get their money back from you in increased rates, or even reducing or dropping your coverage.

So really replacing your washer fill hoses every 5 years is a gift to you and your home.  And if I can give a little free advice, even with new hoses, when taking a trip away from home, turn off the water to your appliances because no one like to get home from vacation to find a swimming pool in your home.  Unless you live with an indoor swimming poor then this blog post was pretty much a waste of your time.