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Water Leaking from Dryer Vent Indicates a Serious Airflow Restriction

Water leaking from the dryer venting is always something I find interesting because in order for the ducting to get to this point, many years of maintenance have been missed.  And in most cases, such as in this home installation, the dryer venting isn’t the only expense for sure.  This ducting I would say was a contributing factor to 3…

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Noisy Dryer Vent Booster Fan

I don’t speak much about dryer vent booster fans because for the most part, I never have had to deal with them.  In general, adding a fan to a dryer vent isn’t something  that is done and is usually prohibited by code unless specifically requested by an inspector.  They are usually found in homes or buildings where the dryer vent…

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Results, Before and After Video

Much of what I write about involves getting more airflow from your dryer. Because it is the air that dries the clothes.  But some may ask exactly what is good airflow?  Well the unfortunate answer really is it depends on many factors, but suffice it to say, the higher the better.  One tool I use to test airflow is a…

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