Dryer Vent Repair

Noisy Dryer Vent Booster Fan

By TechnicianBrian / March 2, 2017

I don’t speak much about dryer vent booster fans because for the most part, I never have had to deal with them.  In general, adding a fan to a dryer vent isn’t something  that is done and is usually prohibited by code unless specifically requested by an inspector.  They are usually found in homes or buildings where the dryer vent…

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Dryer Vent Installation in Existing Crawlspaces

By TechnicianBrian / February 20, 2017

I do a lot of dryer vent installation work, most of which is to replace venting that has either seen better days, or simply was not installed correctly to begin with.  And until laundry rooms on the second floor of homes became popular, most of this venting took its journey to the outside world via the homes crawlspace. But sometimes,…

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Dryer Vent Cover Blocked

By TechnicianBrian / February 13, 2017

Its all about the dryer airflow and nothing stops this air dead in its tracks like a poorly performing dryer vent cover.  But that all pales in comparison to what I found the other day at the end of this dryer venting.  A mess of dryer lint, and hair has been keeping this dryer from operating at its best and…

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Screens Block Dryer Lint

By TechnicianBrian / February 6, 2017

This has become a rather common problem and most people don’t even know that they do it to themselves. What I am talking about is screens over the dryer vent cover.  It is easy enough to do. You want a good solid dryer vent cover to prevent rodents from making the dryer ducting their home so you wander off to…

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My Dryer will not Dry My Clothes

By TechnicianBrian / February 6, 2017

“My dryer will not dry my clothes” is usually the beginning of most of my conversations with customers.  People rarely think about their dryer let alone the dryer venting until signs begin to point toward something being not quite alright.  This is the case with this recent customer visit, who contacted me because the dryer wasn’t drying her clothes.  And…

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Free Dryer Vent Cleaning may not be Free

By TechnicianBrian / January 30, 2017

“Free is a very good price” is something I heard often growing up watching Tom Peterson commercials.  And although it proved to be a very good sales pitch from this legendary Portland icon, something about being free has always struck me as nothing more than a way to lure people in.  And all these many hears later, the lure still…

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How a Cheap Dryer Wall Vent will Cost You Money

By TechnicianBrian / January 23, 2017

Since most of the work I do tends to be reactionary, meaning I am resolving an issue that has already caused a problem, I find I like to write posts that are more preventative in nature.  Take for example the photo above of a vent cover that has seen better days.  I would like to demonstrate how by installing this…

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Pest Problems, meet the Defender

By TechnicianBrian / December 26, 2016

I have written on this topic before when talking about our pest proof vent covers.  Frankly the only vent cover I will install on a home these days because they simply are the best in preventing pest access to the dryer ducting while still allowing for great airflow from the dryer. But I must admit even as great as these…

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Signs Your Dryer has Poor Airflow

By TechnicianBrian / December 19, 2016

I have written before about the importance of airflow to your dryer.  It really is the reason your clothes get dry, they maintain their condition and your dryer keeps working. But poor airflow for whatever reason has many indicators, most of which are ignorerd by the home owner until something more drastic happens. So lets examine some of these indicators…

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DIY Dryer Vent Repair

By TechnicianBrian / December 12, 2016

A very large portion of my business is dryer vent repair.  Sure most calls start out as the result of poor airflow so a good cleaning is in order, but ultimately the poor airflow and lint buildup is the result of a poorly designed system. Dryer venting has for the longest time been the mechanical step-child of the home building…

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