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Whirlpool Dryer won’t Tumble

By TechnicianBrian / December 22, 2016

Model #LDE5750W0, this older model electric dryer would no longer tumble for the customer, but instead, would make a loud buzzing noise then the start button was pressed. The drum could be turned by hand with some resistance so they figured the belt was still attached to the motor, but it just wouldn’t start. Even holding the door switch closed…

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Noisy Estate Electric Dryer

By TechnicianBrian / December 15, 2016

Model #EED4400SQ0, this dryer was doing it’s drying thing, but had become progressively noisy of late. The customer described it as a growling or chirping type noise that seemed to be louder at the beginning of the cycle, but with the laundry room and garage being one in the same, it was difficult to be certain. It was loud enough…

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Maytag Gas Dryer not Heating

By TechnicianBrian / December 8, 2016

Model #MGDB400VQ0, this dryer from the Bravos series was recently purchased and installed along with an associated washer in the customers home. Both had been working without a hiccup, but the dryer suddenly stopped heating resulting in obviously damp clothes. The customer was upset their new purchase had failed in such short order, but it sometimes happens, and I assured…

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Kenmore Dryer Making Noise

By TechnicianBrian / December 1, 2016

Model #41794801423, this laundry center (dryer and washer connected together) had been making some noise for a short time when the customer decided to do something about it.  Fortunately, she called me, but even more important, she didn’t wait because this intermittent noise from the dryer could be the start of something that could be more expensive to repair. Noises in…

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LG Dryer Thumping Noise

By TechnicianBrian / November 2, 2016

Dryers make noise.  Some more than others and this can have an affect on the household depending on the location of the dryer and the type of dryer you are using.  But sometimes a strange occurrence happens that really ups the noise level to a point that something needs to be done. Dryers use drums to tumble the clothes through…

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