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Dryer Cleaning

A Soffit can be the Best Place for the Dryer Venting

custom soffit box

I clean dryer vents and plenty of them.  One of the things that often comes from this endeavor is needing to find new ways to run dryer vents when the current vent is either unsafe, or inefficient.  On a recent job, I found the need for the dryer vent to exit out of a soffit was the only choice and…

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Grants Pass Oregon

Well as the title suggests, Dryer Tech will be paying periodic visits to our friends in Southern Oregon and do some dryer vent cleaning in support of our good friends at Just-in Time Appliance repair.  I often talk about the importance of proper airflow to your dryer and how the better the airflow, the better dryer performance and efficiency. Plus…

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The Threat of a Dryer Fire is Very Real

Dryer fires occur every day.  Just look at any of the advertisements for dryer vent cleaning since they all use the same statistics from a decade ago.  But dryer fires are generally not the whole house engulfing inferno they used to be.  And the reason is simple.  Dryer manufactures got tired of buying people new houses when the dryer caught…

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My Dryer will not Dry My Clothes

“My dryer will not dry my clothes” is usually the beginning of most of my conversations with customers.  People rarely think about their dryer let alone the dryer venting until signs begin to point toward something being not quite alright.  This is the case with this recent customer visit, who contacted me because the dryer wasn’t drying her clothes.  And…

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Clean your Dryer and Prevent a Fire

Most things you hear or read about dryer vent cleaning have to do with preventing fire.  This can be a big motivator and a very valid reason to get your dryer vents cleaned periodically. But a fire is not going to start in your dryer vent.  If you think about it, there is no ignition source.  That spark that turns…

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Dryer Cavity Cleaning

Dryer fires seem to be a thing of the past. Or are they?  It is generally written that 15,000 dryer fires occur each year and this number is tossed around by those in the dryer vent cleaning industry as the reason to get your vents cleaned.  Point of note.  I clean dryer vents too. But I don’t use the same…

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