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Upgrading a Dryer Roof Jack

As we put more laundry rooms on the second floor of homes, the shortest path to vent the dryer exhaust to the outside may be up through the roof.  And that in itself isn’t bad. Dryers really don’t like to push air uphill, but if done correctly, these types of vents can be very efficient.  Where the problem comes in…

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Dryer Cavity Cleaning

Dryer fires seem to be a thing of the past. Or are they?  It is generally written that 15,000 dryer fires occur each year and this number is tossed around by those in the dryer vent cleaning industry as the reason to get your vents cleaned.  Point of note.  I clean dryer vents too. But I don’t use the same…

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LG Dryer Thumping Noise

Dryers make noise.  Some more than others and this can have an affect on the household depending on the location of the dryer and the type of dryer you are using.  But sometimes a strange occurrence happens that really ups the noise level to a point that something needs to be done. Dryers use drums to tumble the clothes through…

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