A Soffit can be the Best Place for the Dryer Venting

By TechnicianBrian / November 26, 2017
custom soffit box

I clean dryer vents and plenty of them.  One of the things that often comes from this endeavor is needing to find new ways to run dryer vents when the current vent is either unsafe, or inefficient.  On a recent job, I found the need for the dryer vent to exit out of a soffit was the only choice and…

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Dryer Vent Covers can keep Clothes from Drying

By TechnicianBrian / November 8, 2017

Your clothes dryer is very dependent on good airflow to dryer your clothes, and the dryer vent cover on the outside of your home may be the reason the airflow isn’t up to speed. How can this be you may ask? Well how about a little dryer venting review and you will likely be able to answer that question yourself.…

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Dryer not drying vs. Dryer not heating. Do I need dryer repair?

By TechnicianBrian / October 31, 2017

Typical dryer repair related service calls outside of an actual hard failure come down to a couple things. Either the dryer isn’t heating the clothes or the dryer isn’t drying the clothes. Most people when calling for service tend to describe what the problem is as apposed to what the failure is. And that is where you may find yourself…

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Grants Pass Oregon

By TechnicianBrian / September 29, 2017

Well as the title suggests, Dryer Tech will be paying periodic visits to our friends in Southern Oregon and do some dryer vent cleaning in support of our good friends at Just-in Time Appliance repair.  I often talk about the importance of proper airflow to your dryer and how the better the airflow, the better dryer performance and efficiency. Plus…

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Dryer Vent Cleaning or Dryer Repair

By TechnicianBrian / May 19, 2017

Todays topic is near and dear to my heart because it really is the basis for most of my dryer vent cleaning work.  I would love to say people are by now well aware of the need to periodically clean out their dryer ducting not only for dryer efficiency, but household safety.  But the reality is my phone rings because someone else…

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The Threat of a Dryer Fire is Very Real

By TechnicianBrian / May 8, 2017

Dryer fires occur every day.  Just look at any of the advertisements for dryer vent cleaning since they all use the same statistics from a decade ago.  But dryer fires are generally not the whole house engulfing inferno they used to be.  And the reason is simple.  Dryer manufactures got tired of buying people new houses when the dryer caught…

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Clothes Dryer Rusting? It may be due to the Dryer Venting

By TechnicianBrian / May 1, 2017

Cosmetic issues such as rust, chipped paint, paint discoloration are nothing new to laundry appliances.  After all, we as consumers tend to use the tops of the dryer in particular as storage places for some rather nasty chemicals (take a look at the stuff you put in your laundry and how nasty it can be).  But in reality, the manufactures…

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Dryer Vent Repair Before and After

By TechnicianBrian / April 24, 2017

Much of what I do these days starts of pretty basic, but turns into a bit more of a project.  Part of the reason is most of the dryer ducting in homes is part of the mechanical systems and is tucked away in places most people don’t want to venture.  So the problem that may be easily noticed when seen,…

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Cleaning Dryer Vents – Tips to Prevent a House Fire

By TechnicianBrian / April 17, 2017

Mаkе It A Rituаl! If part оf your hоuѕеhоld maintenance plan does nоt inсludе cleaning dryer vеntѕ thеn it ѕhоuld. Every уеаr there аrе over 15,000 hоmе fires саuѕеd bу drуеr firеѕ with оvеr 300 injuries аnd lеаding tо 30 dеаthѕ. Not cleaning dryer vеntѕ аlѕо causes 90 million dоllаrѕ in damages in the Unitеd Stаtеѕ аlоnе. Bаѕеd оn thеѕе…

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Caging dryer vents will cause airflow problems

By TechnicianBrian / April 10, 2017

This is a topic I have discussed before, well many times before. Lets face it, there really is only so much I can say about dryer vent cleaning and the various pieces of that puzzle, but when I run across a visual demonstration of why dryer vent cleaning is so important, well I guess it is time to start talking…

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