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Month: March 2017

Replace White Vinyl Dryer Ducting

I have spoken, written, talked, videoed (?) on this topic for years now and yet I still find this stuff behind dryers.  The stuff I speak of is white vinyl dryer ducting or more correctly, transition hose.  At some point in history, say the 90’s, for some reason this stuff started to get used to connect dryers to the homes…

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Dryer Vent Booster Fan Installation and Repair

Well I think it has been all of 3 weeks since I last spoke of dryer vent booster fans, but another booster fan had began to cause problems for this homeowner so it appears service was in order.  I have talked little about these booster fans simply because most homes do not possess them.  Technically by code, they are not…

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Water Leaking from Dryer Vent Indicates a Serious Airflow Restriction

Water leaking from the dryer venting is always something I find interesting because in order for the ducting to get to this point, many years of maintenance have been missed.  And in most cases, such as in this home installation, the dryer venting isn’t the only expense for sure.  This ducting I would say was a contributing factor to 3…

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Dryer Vent Installation, Shorter is always Better

This post ties in with the one from last week regarding a dryer booster fan making noise and the creative venting that caused it.  The best way to get your dryer working as efficiently as possible is to ensure proper airflow, and proper airflow comes from short vent runs.  And when I say short, I don’t mean actual length from…

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Noisy Dryer Vent Booster Fan

I don’t speak much about dryer vent booster fans because for the most part, I never have had to deal with them.  In general, adding a fan to a dryer vent isn’t something  that is done and is usually prohibited by code unless specifically requested by an inspector.  They are usually found in homes or buildings where the dryer vent…

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