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Simply put, you deserve a better service experience.

With over 25 years of field service work on just about every dryer and dryer venting issue, I have the knowledge and experience to keep your dryer running safely and efficiently. Keeping your clothes dryer running at peek performance means less heat build up in your dryer which reduces wear and tear on your clothes, and limits the chance for unexpended clothes dryer repairs which will save you money. And most importantly, proper maintenance of your clothes dryer and the dryer ducting can greatly decrease the risk of dryer fires, keeping your home and family safe.

When working with DryerTech, you receive my personal guarantee that should any of our work fails, we’ll fix it at no charge. I can make this guarantee because my experience makes the difference and your satisfaction is my goal. Give me a call and let me show you the difference.


Dryer Safety Inspection

Periodic dryer cleaning can not only help prevent unexpected dryer failures, but the cleaning process can reduce the risk of an unexpected dryer fire as well.   Let me take a look at your dryer along with the venting to make sure it is working properly and that your home is safe. A multipoint inspection doesn’t take very long but I often am able to address issues that may save you money in the long run.  I can inspect and clean dryers from all common manufacturers and even offer advice or trusted referrals should your dryer require more complex servicing.  Call today to schedule your dryer safety inspection.

Dryer Vent Repair and Installation

The proper venting of your dryer will help keep your dryer working properly, your family safe, and reduce the risk of airborne contaminants. Whether your current ducting isn’t working properly, or maybe you need a dryer vent where there wasn’t one before, I can complete the process from design, to installation to inspection.  The proper installation of your dryer ducting is the key to good airflow. Through the use of code compliant materials and recent product improvements, your dryer ducting can be more efficient and effective for your clothes dryer.  Call today and let me show you some of the benefits of a better dryer vent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection

A clean dryer vent will reduce drying times which will reduce wear and tear on your clothes, your dryer and save you money in the process. Oh, and don’t forget, the most likely cause of a home fire is right there in your laundry room. Your clothes dryer is dependent on airflow for proper and safe operation.  I begin with a simple airflow test and visible inspection of your ducting looking for potential problems.  The I employ the best cleaning method to ensure proper cleaning of your dryer ducting and have the tools and expertise to deal with any dryer vent issue.   A dryer that is drying slowly isn’t a dryer problem, it is an airflow problem.  Let me take care of the work and make sure you are safe in your home.

Dryer Vent Consultation

Sometimes planning a ducting project can be the most difficult part and knowing what materials to use and specific code requirements can be overwhelming. Allow me to take the guess work out of your project and help you in the planning process. Whether onsite, over the phone, or a video visit, my experience and expertise can help move your project forward.   And I have access to many products to help improve upon your design by increasing efficiency and safety.  I can help with any of your dryer vent installation or repair concerns.  Make the mechanical systems of your home last the life of your home.  Call or email with your project details and lets get started.

Need help with something else? Give me a call, I would love to help.


The Dryerbox®

Give Your Dryer More Space with Dryer Box®

As Dryers become Larger, DryerBox helps free up Space.

DryerBox® helps improve the performance of your dryer and gives you a little more room by allowing the transition hose to sit within the wall.

Constructed of durable steel, with a moulded corner bead and paintable, the DryerBox sits within the wall studs to provide your dryer with just enough extra space to prevent crushing of the transition hose.

Most installations improve airflow by limiting ducting bends while ensuring a more natural connection between the back of the dryer and the home ducting.

Call today to see if DryerBox is something that can improve the performance of your dryers ducting.

Retail Price:  $39.00
Installed Price:  $199.00

Click to Download Product PDF on The Dryerbox®

DryerJack® Roof Vent

Not all Roof Jacks are the Same

There are Roof Jacks, and then there is DryerJackTM DryerJack is the only product on the market designed specifically for your dryer vent. Made of 26 gauge metal and tuned to provide no airflow resistance to your dryer, DryerJack keeps the weather out, while allowing your dryer to breath properly. Designed to meet or exceed any and all building codes, this is the one roof jack that will last the life of the roof, and then some.

Proudly made in the USA, DryerJack is the only dryer vent cover I personally recommend and install for my customers.

Don’t settle for universal roof vents on your home. Insist on the one product designed for your dryer, resists lint buildup, and looks good too.

Retail Price:  $53.00
Installed Price:  $249.00

Click to download DryerJack Roof Jack Product Flyer


Improve Airflow and Protect from Fire with DryerFlex™

DryerFlexTM is the only Transition hose I recommend to my friends and family because it works.

DryerFlex is a revolutionary new way to connect your dryer to your homes ducting. Made of metal not mylar. Infinitely flexible, can bend to accommodate your specific installation needs. Crush resistant to help maintain a 4 inch duct, and UL listed to protect from fire danger.

The transition hose is the first ducting air must pass once it exits the dryer and anything less than a smooth transition will result in poor dryer performance and excessive lint buildup within the homes ducting.

Call today to see if DryerFlex is something that can improve the performance of your dryers ducting.

Retail Price:  $10.00
Installed Price:  $79.00

Click to download DryerFLEX™ Product Flyer

Dryer Wall Vent™

Beauty and Function in One – Dryer Wall Vent™

Pest Proof Vent and Improved Airflow in One – Dryer Wall Vent™

Dryer Wall Vent is an attractive and functional part or your dryer venting system. Made of steel and powder coated in three great colors, Dryer Wall Vent has been designed to provide zero air- flow restriction to the dryer. And the self closing door inside of the metal frame deters woodland creatures from entering.

Designed for years of use, requires minimal maintenance and can enhance the performance of your dryer by limiting airflow back pressure. Can be retro-fit into most dryer vent installations to add beauty and protection to the dryer venting.

Available in White, Tan or Brown, call today to see if Dryer Wall Vent is something that can improve the performance of your dryers ducting.

Retail Price:  $32.00
Installed Price:  $99.00

Click to download Dryer Wall Vent Product Flyer


Help your Dryer Breath Better

Air doesn’t like to bend, but with the Dryer-Ell product, I can make the airflow better.

The Dryer-Ell® is a long turn elbow that al- lows for better airflow for your dryer and in- creased efficiency. Most dryer duct elbows bend air in a tight radius, but the DryerEll bends air on a 10 foot radius allowing for a slower transition while maintaining a true 4 inch duct diameter.

And if duct length is a problem in your home, the Dryer-Ell has no run length penalty thus reducing the overall duct equivalency by 5 feet for every standard elbow replaced.

For longer duct runs in todays larger homes, reducing the number of elbows can greatly improve the dryers level of performance.

Perfect for new new dryer vent installations, or can be easily retrofit in vents run through attics and crawlspaces.

Improve the overall performance of your dryer by letting it breath better. Save time, save energy, save wear and tear, and save some money. Insist on high efficiency dryer vent products.

Retail Price:  $32.00
Installed Price:  Call

Click to download Dryer-Ell® Product Flyer

Defender Vent Cover

Beauty and Function in One – The Defender

The Defender brings Pest- Proof to a whole new level.

Protecting dryer ducting from birds or other woodland creatures has been a challenge. Code says screens cannot be used and for good rea- son, but most vent covers offer little resistance to persistent animals.

The Defender brings a whole new look to the ducting that needs serious protection. Made of steel and powder coated for years of protection, The Defender protects existing duct covers, while adding additional weather protection, and meets code requirements. Can be retro-fit into most dryer vent installations to add beauty and protection to the dryer venting.

Available in White, Tan or Brown, call today to see if The Defender is something that can help keep pests out of your dryers ducting.

Retail Price:  $37.00
Installed Price:  $99.00

Click to download TheDefender Product Flyer

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Dryer Vent Cleaning or Dryer Repair

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The Threat of a Dryer Fire is Very Real

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As a veteran of the field service industry since 1991, I created Dryer Tech to help teach people the importance of keeping their dryer running its best and to help keep your home safe. I attend annual manufacturer training classes both locally and during national service conventions to help maintain my technical proficiency, and participate in technical discussions with other independent service providers to gain and share knowledge.

I am a graduate of David Douglas High School in Portland, hold a degree in electronic engineering technology from ITT Technical Institute, spent 10 years in the US Navy with the Cargo Handling Force (CHB5), I am a Master Certified Appliance Professional, a Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician, and a licensed contractor. When not working with dryer vents, I enjoy spending my time reading and listening to podcasts.  Born and raised in Portland, I can not think of a better place to live and work, but when given the opportunity, I enjoy the occasional road trip, or a visit to two of my favorite places, Disneyland and Las Vegas.

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