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As a master appliance technician, I bring over 25 years of field service experience to your home, and since all I service is a select number of products, I am able to provide a higher level of knowledge and skill to ensure every repair is done properly.
Because I do all the work myself, I can be confident in the quality of the service I provide and thus am willing to back it all with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor which is unheard of in the industry. Vent installation and repairs are warranted for the life of the structure.
I am here to help you make your dryer work its best. My website is full of valuable information to help answer your questions. And if you need more personalized support, I am available to speak to you and help you with whatever problems you may be having. There are many ways to get ahold of me, simply pick the one that is most convenient and lets start a conversation.
I pride myself on offering superior service at a fair price. I may not be the cheapest, but I promise you I will provide the most overall value to you and your family. Never any hidden fees, bait and switch tactics or unexpected charges. My flat rate pricing is just that, and you will be provided with an actual estimate before any work is started.


Dryer Safety Inspections

Price: $49.00* plus parts

Let me take a look at your dryer along with the venting to make sure it is working properly and that your home is safe. A multipoint inspection doesn’t take very long but I often am able to resolve issues that may save you money in the long run. *Price is for the safety inspection only, but will be applied to additional recommended services. Estimate given at time of service.

Dryer Vent Repair/Installations

Starting at $49.99* plus parts

Have an existing dryer vent not working properly or maybe it wasn’t installed per code requirements? Or do you need a new dryer vent installed where one wasn’t before. I can complete the process from design, to installation to inspection. *Price is for the vent inspection only, but will be applied to additional recommended services. Estimate given at time of service.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Price: $99.00* plus parts

A clean dryer vent will reduce drying times which will reduce wear and tear on your clothes, your dryer and save you money in the process. Oh, and don’t forget, the most likely cause of a home fire is right there in your laundry room. Let me take care of the work and make sure you are safe in your home. *Price is labor only, parts, supplies, vents requiring roof or ladder access are additional. Estimate given at time of service.

Dryer Service & Repair

Price: $129.00* plus parts

Dryer not working? I can help. As a master appliance technician, I have the skills, the knowledge and the tools needed to ensure your dryer is repaired properly so you can get back to your life. I specialize in dryers just like yours so I know how to quickly identify and repair the issue. This saves you time and money. *Repair services are for labor only, any parts or supplies needed will be additional. Should you decide not to have the dryer repaired, I do ask for $49 to cover my travel and diagnostic expenses.

Need help with something else? Give me a call, I would love to help.


The Dryerbox

The Dryerbox®

In-wall dryer connection protects transition hose neatly in the wall.

The Dryerbox

DryerJack™ Roof Vent

DryerJacks are engineered specifically for the demanding requirements of roof venting a dryer.

The Dryerbox


This smooth interior allows the dryer to perform at peak efficiency.  It’s strong aluminum ribbon protects against crushing and flame spread.

The Dryerbox

Dryer Wall Vent™

Designed to deliver zero airflow restriction, Dryer Wall Vents™ are safe for dryer venting.

The Dryerbox

DrySafer™ Dryer Lint Alarm

Detect dangerous lint build up before it causes damage, potential injury or death.

The Dryerbox


Protect your home and family.  Every day more than 40 dryers catch fire in the US alone.

The Dryerbox


Long turn elbows for better airflow efficiency and longer duct runs.

The Dryerbox

Defender Vent Cover

The Defender’s patented design, features vertical bars that hinder lint buildup while making it difficult (if not impossible) for most pests to gain entry.

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Dryer Vent Repair Before and After

Much of what I do these days starts of pretty basic, but turns into a bit more of a project.  Part of the reason is most of the dryer ducting in homes is part of the mechanical systems and is tucked away in places most people don’t want to venture.  So the problem that may be easily noticed when seen, may only be discovered when other symptoms begin to develop.

I have talked endlessly about dryer venting.  It is much of what I do in my quest to educate and enlighten homeowners on how to get the best performance out of their dryer all while preventing unexpected and potentially costly problems.  But I really don’t make it a habit to randomly knock on doors to speak my truth, as they say, so instead, I get to wait until a problem occurs and now I can help provide the solution.

This customer had contacted me because she had noticed the dryer was not running well, meaning the clothes where not getting dryer.  After all, what else do you want out of your dryer.  The most likely thought is the venting needs to be cleaned and after 17 years in the home (she built it so she should know) of never having it done, maybe it was time.

I always inspect dryer vent systems because I want to try and get as much information as I can, and I simply find them fascinating.  The various ways people run these vents, and still expect the dryer to work properly is mind boggling, but my criticism of home builders will come at another time.  For now, I simply want to know what i am dealing with and it is usually what is not easily seen that can be the problem.  In this case, the ducting was great in the laundry room and really not dirty at all.  At least not enough to explain the limited airflow coming out of the dryer vent cover.  A little work was required to get to the ducting in between and sure enough the problem was located.

I find flexible metal ducting in places it shouldn’t be so often, it no longer surprises me.  And I know the reason. The stuff is cheap (sorry, inexpensive) and easy to make go where you want it to go. The problem is, is it is not meant to be put in places that are not easy to see or access.  You see the ridges you see on the outside or often on the inside and well and thus a great place to catch lint.  Plus, since we have gravity on this planet, the place  you put it may not be the place you find it down the road.

So the solution is simple. Get rid of the stuff and put in the proper code compliant ducting.  I specifically stress code compliant because even the big big box stores don’t always carry the proper stuff and putting in something cheap will only find you back doing it again soon.  But then again, that is why I am in business.

Big Savings with Dryer Vent Cleaning

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